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Older gamers are investing more in DLC to enhance their overall gaming experienc...

Bryter's research into DLC, split by age has revealed how spending habits stack up across generations.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - A welcome remedy to the frustrations of Battle Ro...

Since its release on 4th August 2020, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been an instant success and exceeded all expectation, in terms of both sales and viewership. The new release ...

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The Next Big Challenge in Workplace Happiness

Following our survey of office workers, and those working from home in the UK download our information on how technology impacts workplace happiness.

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Older Gamers Turn to More Social Gaming Experiences During Lockdown

Find out about our recent study of PC gamers during lockdown and download the results.

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Read and download results from our smartphone owner's survey

Are consumers thirsty for a change in how their mobile phones look?

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MCDA in IBD: Helping Us Unpick Multi-Level Decision Making Even with Small Sampl...

MCDA is a highly flexible and powerful analytical approach that unpicks multi-level decision-making.

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Digital Marketing for HCPs: How to Engage HCPs through Digital Marketing

This blog discusses Digital Marketing for HCPs and what is required to secure engagement.

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Hemophilia unmet needs and value-added services

A case study about how Bryter helped one of their clients find hemophilia unmet needs in a new product development project.

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Digital campaign optimisation and targeting

Our research was able to identify the winning combination of lead messages and supporting information from potentially dozens of combinations. This allowed our client to develop th...

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