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Metaverse consumer survey

To gain an insight into how well the concept of the metaverse is currently understood by the average consumer and what it means, Bryter conducted an online survey with 1,500 UK con...

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Digital Marketing to Physicians: Which Platforms do Physicians Prefer?

Pharmaceutical marketing strategies have shifted considerably over recent years. In this post, we explore which digital platforms physicians prefer.

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Key considerations for marketers in the pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry is fiercely competitive. To improve marketing, we need to examine how health care professionals want to receive information.

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Multi-channel touchpoint mapping

Read how Bryter designed and delivered mixed-mode research in two stages to support a client's global marketing strategy development.

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Creating channel and content strategy for a digital-first product launch

Discover how our insight provided exploratory, strategic, and tactical recommendations for our pharmaceutical client's new product launch.

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Developing a portfolio-wide digital content engagement strategy

Learn how we designed and delivered mixed-mode research that focused on both behaviours and the needs of oncologists for our client.

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Understanding channel use throughout the physician-product journey

Read how we designed and delivered a series of mixed-mode research projects that explored channel use, experience, and preference in detail for our client.

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A Guide to The Best Pharma Marketing Events Around the World

Discover a range of events taking place worldwide to help provide insight into the possibilities and opportunities for pharmaceutical marketing.

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Pharma marketing strategies, tactics and trends for 2022

The pharmaceutical industry has long relied on in-person engagement. Discover the latest industry trends and digital marketing strategies for pharma companies.

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