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12 April 2022

A Guide to The Best Pharma Marketing Events Around the World

It has been quite a challenging couple of years, with the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries facing numerous hurdles. Traditional marketing practices have reduced dramatically in the wake of an acceleration of digital marketing brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 marked a significant step forward as pharma marketers all around the globe began to embrace an innovative and relatively new approach to pharma marketing- that looks like it’s here to stay 

This article looks at eight pharma marketing events taking place worldwide that you need to mark on your calendar and brings you an insight into the possibilities and opportunities for pharmaceutical marketing in today's post-Covid world.

Why are Events and Conferences Important for Pharmaceutical Marketers?


According to Global Market Insights, the global digital health market size is expected to grow at the rate of 17.4% between 2021 and 2027: exceeding about $427 billion (£311 billion). This is primarily driven by several digital marketing trends and initiatives that allow smarter choices for healthcare providers, patients, and life sciences and pharmaceuticals professionals.

A return of the traditional practices of digital marketing of the pre-Covid world is not likely to come back, which is why conferences and events play an integral role to access data on innovations, health trends, and guidelines.

Such circumstances necessitate embracing these digital alternatives as it seems to be the only way forward for professionals to enhance their business, build their brands, and serve their customers.

Pharma marketing events allow companies to display their services and products, disseminate knowledge about the key findings in their clinical trials, chalk out the most suitable practices, or explore prompt solutions for complex problems pertaining to healthcare.

Medical conference marketing holds paramount significance for pharma brands because it enables them to reach a wider audience. Physicians and professionals worldwide consider continuing medical education opportunities like medical and pharmaceutical conferences the most credible source of knowledge and information.

Pharma Marketing Events and Conferences to Add to Your Calendar 

Pharma Marketing Events Taking Place in The USA

  • Reuters Events' Pharma Marketing USA 2022

Date: November 8th-9th, 2022

Location: Philadelphia. USA

Reuters Events' Pharma Marketing USA 2022 is regarded as the pioneering event of the future of the pharma customer experience and is one of the most highly anticipated pharma marketing events in the US. This platform boasts the status of being the only place where leaders from all around the diverse pharma marketing ecosystem come together to provide attendees with particular measures and approaches towards attaining holistic customer engagement. Reputed leaders from Digital, Data, Commercial, Marketing, Analytics and Brand roles will collectively disseminate their knowledge at this event.

  • Pharma and the Patient USA

Date: November 8th-9th

Location: Philadelphia, USA

The Pharma and Patient USA revolves around one fundamental notion: to transform the current paradigm to attain true patient centricity and instil this lived experience into a company's core DNA. Several professionals around the globe are looking for it to be one of the most informative pharma marketing conferences, and it will address questions on the process of inculcating the caregiver, patient, and HCP lived experience into an organization's marketing strategies, along with how to develop a permanent workforce that can help actionable patient-focused activities around the country.

This platform is also expected to investigate how installing the HCP voice in pre-clinical training entails a crucial understanding of the HCP processes, enhances healthcare data utilization, and unfolds commercial launch strategies based on marketing.

  • Pharma Marketing Summit

Date: May 12th-13th, 2022

Location: Encore Boston Harbor

Boston, MA, USA 

The Pharma Marketing Summit is a highly sought-after, invitation-only, premium conference that brings the leading pharmaceutical marketing executives and innovative service providers, as well as suppliers, together in an interactive session. The Summit's content aligns with several primary marketing interests and challenges, progressive and practical ideas, relevant market developments, and innovative strategies adopted by noteworthy pioneers. 

The key topics for the 2022 session include the future of digital marketing, where the digital landscape of a metamorphosing digital environment will be discussed, along with the most suitable ways of engaging consumers. The future of pharma marketing, navigating regulations, and product launches will also be discussed. In addition, the significance of market access, pros of a provider-payer relationship, omnichannel marketing, and the strategies to chalk out the right audience as one moves away from multi-channel marketing would also be the center of discussion. 

Pharma Marketing Events Taking Place in the UK

  • Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit 

Location: London, United Kingdom 

Eye For Pharma's Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe Summit brings to light exclusive case studies about delivering superior HCPs and patient experience, allowing digital transformation to gain pace, and adopting an above-brand culture that puts patients at the center of pharma marketing. 

This conference enables attendees to benchmark themselves against the rest of the industry and connect with more than 250 senior pharmaceutical marketing executives in attendance. The meetings feature roundtables, case studies, networking and products/solutions, and several other important events for pharmaceutical marketers in the UK.

  • Customer Engagement Europe 2022 

Date: May 24th-25th 

Location: Hilton London Tower Bridge

London, UK

Reuters Events' Pharma: Customer Engagement Europe is the collaborative home for marketing, medical, and commercial affairs leaders who come together to determine the future of customer engagement as an omnichannel, digitally optimized, and orchestrated across silos while embedded with hybrid functionality phenomenon. This conference moves beyond the superficial marketing metrics to delve into the fundamental behavioural changes and root out the ways of designing iterative feedback frameworks to meet, and exceed, customer expectations. 

Pharma Marketing Conferences in The Rest of The World

  • Future of Pharma Marketing Summit 

Location: Canada 

The Annual Future of Pharma Marketing Summit brings together directors, CMOs, and VPs from the prestigious pharmaceutical organizations in Canada for interactive in-person events. The event features face-to-face meetings, networking lunches and breakfasts, and breakout streams. However, the conference is also streamed live for those who cannot attend. 

Attendees can network with more than two hundred delegates from around the world who are actively involved in sourcing solutions to enhance their pharma marketing. Conference attendees can also demonstrate their thought leadership, thereby securing the highest market reach. 

  • 10th Annual Pharma Marketing: Digital Marketing & CEM Summit 

Location: Berlin, Germany 

The Pharma Marketing Summit is organized by the Allan Lloyds Group and brings together Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of Departments, C-level members, and members of the Board from the pharmaceutical sector. This conference focuses on a multitude of digital marketing areas and topics, including multi-channel management, content, analytics, customer experience, and several more. The three-day forum is highly beneficial to those looking to enhance their marketing abilities in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector while visiting the beautiful German city. 

  • NextPharma 

Date: May 17th-18th 

Location: Dubrovnik, Valamar Lacroma

The NextPharma conference primarily focuses on the pharma medical/commercial industry and gathers pharma executives, global heads, and solution vendors to reinvigorate the spirit of pharma marketing and development and address the piercing question: Where To Next? 

Designed with the help of pharma masterminds, this conference has an agenda focused on commercial pharma. With patient engagement and pharma commercial elevating tremendously in value, and technology, experts from around the globe will look into how AR, VR, blockchain, and ML metamorphosed pharma. Attendees can learn from other complementary industries, such as blockchain start-ups and marketing agencies, along with an insight into their successful benchmarks and measures

Online Webinars/Virtual Pharma Marketing Conferences

  • Future Pharma 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date: 2023

The Future Pharma conference will be held virtually in 2023 with the same world-class speakers, innovative topics, marketing platforms, and connection opportunities as the in-person version. Generally regarded as the world's leading pharma commercialization event, Future Pharma brings together a number of heads of marketing, sales, brands, franchises, and digital executives from reputable pharmaceutical companies in an engaging and interactive setting. This conference is specifically designed to aid commercial leadership in evaluating their non-personal and personal promotions, gain insight into commercial success in today's digitized, post-pandemic industry landscape, and align sales and marketing strategies effectively in light of the shifting landscape. 

  • The Pharma Multi-Channel Excellence Conference

Date: June 22nd, 2022 

Location: Virtual event in Central London 

This one-day Pharmaceutical Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event will measure omnichannel success and deliver practical findings and results with content-led, engaging, customer-centric omnichannel and multi-channel excellence in pharma. This highly sought-after event will explore strategies to power profitable multi-channel performance, Advance Digital HCP & Patient Interactions, prioritize customer-centricity, and metamorphose with new digital technological advancements.


If you are looking to mark your calendar with some of the best pharma conferences and events around the globe, you can go through this article and align your plans with these events. Attending these conferences and events is bound to significantly add to not only your insight but also your connections in the digital pharma world. If you are interested in augmenting both, sign up to learn more about the various events around the world!

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