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25 September 2019

Bryter case study: Positioning the ‘smart kitchen’

Business challenge

Our client needed to find the best way to articulate a compelling smart kitchen story. The smart kitchen category was facing several issues at the time: low category awareness, lack of benefit understanding and lack of traction with specialist retailers. The results needed to reflect an in depth understanding of consumers, and use this as a foundation for assessing the potential of different brand propositions.



We conducted a series of focus groups with consumers belonging to different kitchen related patterns of attitudes and behaviours. We supplemented this with ethnographic observations aimed at better understanding the daily behaviours consumers displayed when in their kitchen. Finally, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews with professionals involved in kitchen retail in order to understand the barriers they face when trying to ‘sell’ smart kitchens to their customers.



Offered a rich and detailed understanding of the market which our client then used as the basis of an effective communication campaign. Also, this knowledge enabled our client to launch a series of new devices for the smart kitchen market.

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