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14 February 2020

Creating an optimized multi-channel HCP & patient campaign


Sales of our client’s previously high performing product had started to decline, due to being niched in a certain population. Exploratory research was needed to understand both patient and GP perceptions, to understand why the product was being niched in this way. Our client wanted detailed insights in order to guide creation and execution of a new campaign to drive awareness and consideration or the product.


We conducted a two-stage process to identify and prioritise the critical insights. For the first stage we conducted a series of qualitative interviews with GPs & patients. We used a variety of sophisticated interviewing techniques, including methodologies from behavioural economics, to understand emotional drivers as well as the rational and irrational elements of the decision-making process. These insights were used to develop the campaign. In the second stage, we surveyed a representative sample of both audiences to validate the findings from the first stage and test concepts for the campaign.


Our research guided the creation and execution of the campaign to both GPs and Patients. Digital detail-aids were created to be patient-centric and guide consultations to address a wider, underserved patient group. We developed patient typologies that included a group that had not been previously recognised by the client. We advised on how targeting the patients through social media could better drive behavioral change. The resulting campaign led to an increase in sales of 7%.

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