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12 April 2022

Creating channel and content strategy for a digital-first product launch


A global pharma client was launching a novel agent into a new therapy area and adopting a digital-first approach. They required insight to ensure their pre-launch channel and content strategy was fully optimized. The research was required to provide foundational knowledge of the category and form the basis for digital marketing activities for several years. Traditionally, digital marketing research in the pharmaceutical industry is conducted as a review of all the channels that HCPs use, or as recall and satisfaction with information received. Because of this, results end up reflecting current practice rather than exploring potential.


We designed a 3-phased survey to provide an in-depth understanding of physician digital needs and behaviours through product lifecycles. By understanding the problems HCPs face, we can understand the value of different solutions. We initially completed an ‘audit’ of digital content physicians received. This was used as a basis for qualitative discussions to identify the level of engagement. Finally, we conducted a representative survey of the market incorporating our Digital Campaign Builder (DCB) statistical approach that determined the ultimate content, channel and frequency preferences of physicians. 


Our insight provided exploratory, strategic, and tactical recommendations. We identified the role and influence of channels at different stages of the adoption journey. We also delivered clear guidance as to the areas of opportunity and priority. Ultimately, through the careful use of exploratory and statistical approaches, we demonstrated the ideal digital campaign approach for the new product, allowing our client to build the best combinations of channel, content, timing, and frequency for their audience.

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