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19 November 2019

Bryter case study: Helping a tech manufacturer create vertical specific marketing


Our client, a manufacturer of tech devices, wanted to target its new mobile device towards the construction, engineering, agriculture and manufacturing verticals.

manufacturing-tech-articleThis was largely new territory for them, and little was known about the different verticals and their associated cultures and operations of businesses. An external creative agency had created a range of industry specific adverts to be used across print and social channels.

Research was required to ensure that the content was seen as authentic, credible and related to the specific needs of different industries.



manufacturing-trustworthyWe held extended qualitative sessions with tech decision makers from a range of different verticals. Participants were pre-tasked to help build an accurate picture of daily life and the role of technology in the workplace.

A needs based approach was employed to map key benefits of the new technology to specific industries, and help identify which were most appropriate to articulate in the communications.


The research was crucial in bringing this audience to life for our client – an area where there was limited understanding, and helping them to align the benefits of their device with specific industry needs. This enabled the client to position their new device in authentic and relatable scenarios that resonated with each of the very different target audiences and the specific needs of their business vertical.

To find out more about how Bryter helps technology companies successfully target the B2B market get in touch with guy.smith@bryter-uk.

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