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2 March 2020

Digital campaign optimisation and targeting


Our client was moving to a digital-first awareness campaign. The campaign had a number of possible iterations in terms of design, execution and messaging. Research was required optimise the campaign to ensure that it hit its KPIs across two distinct target audiences: clinical and non-clinical decisions-makers.


Bryter designed an online quantitative survey to be completed by a nationally representative sample of both target groups of customers. We utilized our MDxT technique. MDxT combines two statistical approaches. The first is a form of discrete choice modelling that identifies the relative importance of each campaign message. The second identifies the message bundles with the broadest appeal to target customers. Together, MDxT is a powerful tool for building a comprehensive understanding of how to structure a messaging campaign.


Our research was able to identify the winning combination of lead messages and supporting information from potentially dozens of combinations. We conducted this analysis for both audiences, so that our client was able to tailor the campaign to the different needs of each group. Our advanced analytical technique can provide both a ranking of the messages and a metric of the breadth of appeal for any given combination. Furthermore, additional insights provided clear guidance as to how content should be used with each target. The findings gave our client the confidence and guidance to launch the optimal campaign.

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