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2 October 2019

Bryter Case Study: Helping a clothing brand optimise their brand and digital strategy

Business challenge

Community Clothing is a brand built around a position of British made, affordable and sustainable clothing. It was facing a number of challenges in terms of sales, understanding who its customers were, how they’d discovered the brand and why they had purchased.

JR_COMMUNITY_CLOTHING_20Sales and average spend were not as high as desired. On top of this, the brand didn’t really understand customers’ motivations for buying. Were they buying into the brand’s ethos, or were other factors driving sales? Given the company’s ethical brand promise, they also wanted to understand how they could better leverage this as part of their ongoing marketing and communications strategy.

Bryter got involved to help them better understand their customers, their shopper journey and motivations, and how best to execute the brand strategy.

Solution and outcomes

Having reviewed the company’s brand strategy, and consulted with internal and external marketing and communications teams we proposed a two-stage solution that would deliver on the company’s needs.

JR_COMMUNITY_CLOTHING_10Step one was to get a better understanding of the customer base. Who were they, what were they buying, what were their views of the brand and which aspects were motivating them to buy? We carried out a survey with existing customers from the client’s database. Through a combination of smart targeting and clever incentivisation we achieved a far higher than average response rate than would normally be expected with an online customer survey.

The results revealed a number of critical insights that helped the business reshape its online sales strategy, and move from 3rd party sales vendors to hosting sales on their own e-commerce platform with a refined product portfolio. It also helped identify the key profiles and locations of customers, what had driven them to the brand and confirmed that customers were bought into the brand’s ethical story.

This then led to a second strategic piece. How to leverage the brand’s ethical credentials and use this to market the company and offer more effectively. Here Bryter partnered with the brand’s PR agency to develop a series of questions that would identify the most meaningful aspects of brand’s identity amongst British consumers and generate newsworthy content at the same time.

JR_COMMUNITY_CLOTHING_17-2We conduced a nationally representative survey with questions designed to assess purchase behaviours, attitudes to fast fashion, British manufacturing and the impact of Brexit. This survey not only helped to identify which elements of the brand resonated most strongly with different segments of British fashion buyers, it also generated a series of news articles and opinion pieces on the state of the UK fashion industry and consumers’ attitudes to fast fashion.

‘The work Bryter carried out for us was invaluable in helping to better understand our target audiences and evolve the brand and digital strategy’ – Patrick Grant, founder

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