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6 March 2020

Digital Marketing for HCPs: How to Engage HCPs through Digital Marketing

The way we get the attention of doctors and consultants is changing.

Bryter’s latest report, Digital Strategies for HCP Engagement, has shown some of the ways that HCPs currently interact with digital marketing channels and what they want from their communications with pharmaceutical companies.

In the digital age doctors are giving less time to reps and spending more time on their devices. Therefore, it makes sense to capture HCP’s attention on channels where they are allocating the more time to. My colleague, George has written a blog about How to optimise HCP marketing tactics to maximise engagement, which may be of interest. 

The new generation of HCPs grew up in a digital first world.

Digital marketing is the new focus for engaging HCPs. These digitally native HCPs under the age of 45 spend 15 hours online a week compared those aged 55 and over who spend just 9 hours a week. 

This new generation of HCPs are used to receiving their information on their mobile devices and computers, are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. 

Find out about how Bryter has helped our clients with digital campaign optimisation and targeting in this case study.  

Sales reps are being shown the door.

The well-established strategies of informing and selling to reps has been becoming less and less effective since the surge in digital marketing activity began. Data that Bryter has used in our ‘Digital Strategies for HCP Engagement’ says that most rep visits last between 2 and 5 minutes.

Technology has changed the workplace, even in practices.

Our survey data shows that the three most treasured factors for communications are digestibility of information, immediate responses to questions and getting the information within their schedule. Although digital channels can provide all of these, most of the HCPs we surveyed viewed sales reps as the best channel for this information.

Marketers know that the needs can also be effectively serviced through digital channels. However HCPs still need to be convinced that digital can be an effective and convenient way to communicate with pharmaceutical companies.


Find out more about  Marketing to HCPs in Europe, and download our survey by filling in our form below. 

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