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2 March 2020

How to optimise HCP marketing tactics to maximise engagement

The way we get the attention of doctors and consultants is changing

Since the decline of pharmaceutical sales forces began in the early ‘00s, marketers in the pharmaceutical industry have been changing their strategies for engaging with HCPs. The best way to engage HCPs now involves a multichannel approach, that includes the use of digital communication.

There are a variety of channels and tactics that pharmaceutical and biotech companies are using, such as e-detailing, webinars and email mailouts.

So what are the digital marketing tactics that the most successful companies using?

Which methods are the most effective?

The answer is to use a combination of approaches that best fits the needs of the customer. The starting point for designing a digital marketing strategy is developing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience’s needs and preferred channels.


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What do HCPs need from their communications with the Pharmaceutical industry?

The best strategy for engaging HCPs is to base the multichannel mix on the needs of the doctors themselves. The companies that are the most successful at engaging HCPs through marketing have begun the design of their strategy by understanding in depth what the needs of their customers are.

Bryter’s report on digital marketing to physicians explores the needs of HCPs and the potential digital tactics that can be used. Tailoring the mix of channels for individual specialities, and to local markets, are both essential tactics for maximising engagement.

There are also differences for every product and indication. Some products require quick, concise information, whereas others require more detailed approaches, such as assisting with patient identification. The best way to optimise the digital marketing strategy is to have a clear understand of the market and customers. By understanding the specific market landscape, product characteristics, and HCP needs, behaviours and attitudes, the optimum strategy can be designed.

Why does digital matter?

HCPs have less time to spend on meeting reps, and spend more time communicating via digital means. The use of smartphones amongst doctors is high. Doctors want information delivered to them in an easy-to-understand, timely manner.

Digital channels are perfect for this approach, as they allow HCPs to decide when and how to engage. Allowing for this flexibility, by being present in a variety of channels is an important part of digital marketing strategy. Finding the best combination can help to ensure that resources are allocated most effectively.

Find out how Bryter helped one of its clients develop a best in class comms platform in this case study.

Our report on digital marketing to physicians covers the tactics that you can use to increase customer engagement, and the preferences of HCPs for different channels. Sign up below to receive the report now.

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