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4 January 2018

Global Insurance and Financial Services Organisation: Creating a consumer segmentation based on digital needs


Our client needed help to understand the digital needs of consumers and the importance of the digital offer on brand perception, provider choice, and service uptake in relation to consumer banking


Our approach here was to look deeply into the needs that drive uptake of digital innovations, rather than just the innovations themselves. This would lead to a more permanent solution instead of examining reactions to rapidly changing digital innovations.

We used a range of innovative qual and quant methodologies including deep metaphor exploration and a cluster ensemble segmentation. Through this we were able to create segments that were: a good size, clearly different from one another, had a clear narrative, and could easily be identified.


Segmentation results in the form of short films were presented at the organisation’s annual leadership conference, along with a range of other engaging deliverables such as interactive posters, infographics, and stakeholder workshops.

The new segmentation had significant impact on the orgnisation’s digital strategy and investment. They revamped their online offer and went on to win online provider of the year 18 months later. The segmentation is still used, and the films we created play constantly in their innovation lab.

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