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Developing a best-in-class global comms platform

Read about how we developed this solution for a client of ours in this case study.

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How to optimise HCP marketing tactics to maximise engagement

Learn how about HCP Marketing Tactics from the insights we uncovered from surveying 1500 HCPs.

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Marketing to HCPs in Europe – What We Uncovered

Learn about the role of HCP Digital Marketing, and some of the insights that our survey of over 1500 HCPs uncovered.

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Creating an optimized multi-channel HCP & patient campaign

Bryter Case Study. Creating an optimized multi-channel HCP & patient campaign. Optimizing digital strategies for effective marketing.

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3 Key Takeaways from the Digital Pharma Advances Conference

Key learnings from our time at Digital Pharma Advances conference and news about our upcoming HCP marketing preferences report.

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Will midcore mobile games be squeezed out of the market?

Midcore titles have often occupied the top spots in the mobile charts (e.g. Clash of Clans, Game of War), but now they are facing tougher competition.

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Why we should think about unintended consequences when designing new products

Explanation of the term ‘unintended consequences’ and how this should be factored in to new product design

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Esports: Where are all the women?

Esports tournaments show a marked lack of female presence at the top levels, despite women making up 46% of gamers worldwide.

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Bryter case study: Helping a tech manufacturer create vertical specific marketin...

Helping a manufacturer of tech devices target its new mobile device towards the construction, engineering, agriculture and manufacturing verticals.

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