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Gaming Bots, a force for good or evil in the gaming industry?

Article looking at the role of bots in gaming as both a positive and negative force

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Bryter case study: Category navigation and path to purchase in consumer health

Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach that goes beyond speaking to patients, to understanding what drives decision making and purchase behaviour for treatments.

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Bryter case study: What we can learn from the death of curved TV

Case study on how to research new technologies and build them around needs

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Gamescom 2019 – Increasing presence of Virtual Reality

The hype around the big AAA titles and buzz of the indie games section, it was hard not to notice the increasing presence of VR and AR.

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Unpicking biologics Rx decision-making in psoriasis using Multiple-criteria Deci...

MCDA is a highly flexible and powerful analytical approach that unpicks multi-level decision-making.

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Bryter Case Study: Helping a clothing brand optimise their brand and digital str...

Read how Bryter helped a clothing brand optimise their brand and digital strategy

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Bryter case study: Positioning the ‘smart kitchen’

Read Bryter's case study exploring how to position smart kitchens

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What a bankrupt restaurant can teach us about human needs

How understanding human needs can tell us why a restaurant failed

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Do JAK inhibitors have potential in blood and bone marrow cancers?

Read results from Bryter's JAK inhibitor study - a breakthrough treatment for blood and bone marrow cancers.

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