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11 November 2019

Bryter case study: Helping a business expense solution provider understand the buying process for large businesses

Business challenge

A major fuel card manufacturer wanted to understand how large organisations go about buying new expense management solutions, and how the role of different departments in the process.

buying-process-transportationThey wanted detailed feedback on how the different roles and teams participate and influence purchase decisions as well as the RFP process and to understand the range of pain-points that businesses have regarding expenses. Crucially, they needed to know the different motivations and priorities of different cost centres within organisations and the processes when making decisions that affect the company at large.


We conducted a series of qualitative individual interviews with C-suite, procurement and finance decision makers across different business verticals. During the interviews we mapped out the buying process, the competitive landscape and a range of new product concepts and their associated marcomms to understand the motivations and influence of different decision makers, and opportunities to stretch the client’s brand and offer.



Our client was able to shape its communications strategy and positioning of new products to align with the needs and behaviours of different target audiences. Their increased understanding of the buying journey helped guide and shape future marketing strategies across their product range, allowing the sales team to identify who to target and what message would be most appealing.

Bryter works with leading B2B service providers across a range of markets, to find out more about how we help companies succeed in the global marketplace get in touch with matt.haydock@bryter-uk.com.



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