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12 April 2022

Understanding channel use throughout the physician-product journey


Our client was developing an integrated omnichannel marketing approach for promoting key products in dermatology and rheumatology across EU5. Primary market research was needed to build on existing data on channel use to help optimize the strategy during and “post”-Covid. Traditionally, digital marketing research in the pharmaceutical industry is conducted as a review of all the channels that HCPs use, or as recall and satisfaction with information received. Because of this, results end up reflecting current practice rather than exploring potential.


To move beyond this circular assessment, Bryter designed and delivered a series of mixed-mode research projects that explored channel use, experience, and preference in detail. An initial qualitative stage was followed by an online survey. The iterative approach allowed us to understand the perceptions and experience of HCPs’ use of channels through the different life stages of products, establishing the value and importance of different offline and online channels from pre-product launch, in the learning stages, and as products become established in physicians’ prescribing behaviour. 


Our interviewing methodology took into account the way HCPs’ needs evolve as they become more familiar with a product, and our research determined the value and importance of different pharma and non-pharma channels at key points in the product lifecycle. This allowed the client to develop a strategy mapped to the offline and online channels HCPs used at each stage of the journey, meaning they could prioritize appropriate content, channel, and means of engagement to best promote new, establishing and in-life products.


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